Advanced Concepts For Spin And Go & Heads­Up Players

By PrimordialAA & Simpledude16

Sit back and observe as two of the most successful High-Stake Heads-Up SNG players in the world pull back the curtain on the concepts and strategies that have enabled them to earn millions at the  tables and follow along as they apply their knowledge to PokerStars' immensely popular Spin & Go SNG format.

Please note : all video packs are only available for streaming, not download.

Video Pack Includes

Chapter I – The Multiplier Effect (Classroom Lesson) Not all Spin & Go SNGs are created equal; learn how to adapt your play based on the prizepool multiplier to maximize your edge before the first card has been dealt.

Chapter II – In The Beginning (Classroom Lesson) PrimordialAA & Simpledude16 break down ranges and strategies for three­-handed play for the following positions and stack depths:

  • Button (17-25 BB / 11-16BB)
  • Small Blind (17-25 BB / 11-16BB)
  • Big Blind (17-25 BB / 11-16BB)

Chapter III – Know Your Enemy (Classroom Lesson) Explore the differences between Regulars and Recreational Players as Primordial & Simpledude outline optimal strategies for adjusting to each opponent type.

Chapter IV – There Can Be Only One (HH Review) As two of the most successful high­-stake Heads-­Up players on the planet, Simpledude16 & PrimordialAA present unique insight into Spin & Go games.

Chapter V – Grindin' (Live Play) Follow along for a full 120 minutes as Primordial and Simpledude take theory to the streets and school you with some live play action.


Out of all of the successful professionals I have talked with and learned from, Simpledude16 is the best poker mind I know...I think the ranges sections are incredible and very different from other videos that deal with this subject matter...Overall I think there are a number of new concepts for everyone in these videos.


This was GREAT stuff for me, a few days in on the grind ive realized how far off I was in ALOT of spots, my overall chipEV have increased a TON to the levels of what they basically never were even on my good days....All in all I loved watching these guys play, mainly because it is rare to see/hear two top players discussing spots ”live” .



Please note : all video packs are only available for streaming, not download.