Ansky “How I got Cheated out of €18k at Casino Barcelona playing poker”

How I got Cheated out of €18k at Casino Barcelona playing poker - Ansky - Spin & Go Strategy

Another year of controversy for Barcelona casino. Last year if you remember, players got they rooms broken into and computers hacked, if you want to read all about the story here is the full event in details. 

This year Ansky is taking the heat by what he said the casino cheated him out of 18k euros. Here is what he said about the unfortunate event :

“We are playing €100/€200 PLO in the high stakes section of the poker room. Two players limp in EP, I make it 1100 with KhKcJd9d in MP, Juha Helppi calls in the CO, Bullitos calls after him in the SB, and an older Spanish guy pots it to 5900 from the BB. The sizing might be a tiny bit off, but not by more than 300. Limpers fold, I call, Juha calls and Bullitos does as well. The pot is roughly 24k. 

The flop is Ks9s7x. Bullitos checks, BB shoves for slightly over 10k, I jam for around 40k, Juha folds, and Bullitos calls all in for around 4k-5k. At this point we tell the dealer to stop so we can discuss running it twice. I was concerned with the language barrier so several times I clarified that we were running it twice for the whole pot. I specifically said the whole pot, run it twice, so that there would be no confusion. We all agree. 

The first board runs out Ks9s7x As 4x. Second board runs out 7x 6x. BB shows AAxx, and I table my hand. Bullitos has a wrap which gets scooped. So at this point we should be chopping up Bullitos’ money as well as the main pot, and each taking back our money for the side pot. In total the main pot has around 36k in it after the flop action, so my share should be 18k. This is when the chaos starts.”

“This is when the chaos started” said Ansky. He explained that the Spanish guy is now claiming that following the rules of the casino, you can only run it twice in heads up pots but that it is forbidden in multi-way pots. Therefore if they follow the rule it is only valid for the side pot and that the first board apply for the main pot only. 

Ansky said that at this point there was quite a big of a gathering around their table and people are yelling in both Spanish and english, the dealer was just standing there a bit overwhelmed with the situation. The BB guy finally walked away to get the floor. Ansky mentioned also that

“he appears to be a local and to know the staff, but I will admit that is just my read of the situation and I don’t know that for sure.”

The story should have end well for Ansky when the first floor manager rules that the verbal agreement they did was binding, therefore the run it twice is valid…well the story doesn’t end here…a higher up floor manager is called and decided that the multi way pots is forbidden, therefore the entire main pot is awarded to the BB with AA.

At this point it seems that the Spanish guy even said that “he had no agreement on running it twice in the main pot”.

The situation heats up as people try to take pictures of the situation and casino goes at them saying that taking a picture will lead to ban them from the casino. To note as well that the floor manager refused to give out his name claiming that his name is “poker manager” every time somebody asked him.

The hand and story ends here when the floor instructed the dealer to ship the pot to the BB and that the argument was over. Very angry, Ansky posted the whole story on 2+2 to get people’s opinions. Lots of people are saying maybe the spanish guy misunderstood but Ansky added that the dealer who probably speaks spanish and english confirmed that they all agreed to the run it twice before dealing.

Lots of people are also arguing that the rules are the rules, what’s your opinion ? Should a verbal agreement with witnesses be enough to hold ?

Hopefully if you are in Barcelona to play and read this article you will make sure to always follow the blueprint rules of the casino or you might get angled by the locals !


  • Steve

    Reply Reply August 29, 2015

    I have heard of several stories in this casino of this style. They make up rules or reinforced some whenever it is in favor of the local players. I never play anything else than the tournaments organized by well known organizations. Do not trust this casino !

  • Grinders

    Reply Reply August 29, 2015

    The rules are the rules, if you know you are doing against it even with verbal agreement you must know that the rule would overcome if it comes to it ! Obviously scummy from the other guy to do that but in his right :/

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