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Alex Fitzgerald honing his skills at a PokerStars EPT event.

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Through more than 8 hours of poker instruction, Alex will share with you his unique perspective on the game and discuss many of the poker strategies that have helped him win millions at the tables and succeed in the high-stake games for over a decade!

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Please note : all video packs are only available for streaming, not download.

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Video Pack Includes


In this 4-hour video recording of a webinar Alex ran for his students you will learn all about:

  • Stack size dynamics.

  • The proper approach to playing a short-stack.

  • The truth behind raise/folding & 3bet/folding at shallow stack depths.

Alex will also share some of his very own hand-histories with you and let you see how to turn theory into dollars.


In this 4-hour lecture Alex will share his thoughts with you about players who flat too much from the big blind and show you how to exploit this extremely common tendency and make the most money from your opponents' mistakes. Learning how to steal an opponent's big blind over and over again until you can almost see their head explode is one of the unique pleasures of sitting at a poker table and now you can learn how to experience this joy each and every time you play!

You will also learn:

  • How to flat profitably in the big blind while not taking the same abuse you plan on inflicting on your opponents.

  • How to reraise more preflop without losing control of the pot.

  • How Alex used a number of huge bluffs on the way to the Final Table of the Pokerstars SCOOP event as well as the coveted Pokerstars Sunday 500 tournament.

What people are saying about Alex's coaching & videos:


Alex is one of the few guys i know in poker that is not only very talented at the tables but has the ability to breakdown and explain his thoughts in a very organized matter. I’ve seen him coach people of all skill levels and i’m always impressed how he is able to adjust his approach to cater towards different skill levels and most importantly different personality types

Faraz "TheToilet0" Jaka 2010 WPT Poker Player Of The Year and High-Stake MTT crusher

You Flat Too Much  taught me how to take advantage of a postflop edge I didn't know I possessed, and thanks to what I learned in this webinar I cashed the LAPT Peru Main Event, and shipped a side event for $10k. Alex's teachings allowed me to avoid some pre-flop coolers, which left me hanging out at the payout cage instead of the rail.

Evan 'Gripsed' Jarvis

In the 10 years that I've been playing and coaching poker professionally I doubt anyone has had as much of an impact on my game as Alex "assassinato" Fitzgerald. Alex always seems to be one step ahead of the curve with unique strategies that push the envelope and give him a huge edge against everyone else trying to make it in poker.

Jerry "HerschelW" Watterson
Midstakes Cash & MTT Player & One of the Original Founders of PocketFives Poker Training School

Material was well presented and the thoughts flowed well...I was really happy to be there."


"Cant think of anything that could have improved it."


"Excellent value... it has helped me loads in hitting a few Stars final tables and getting deep in others."


"It was really GREAT! The structure and planning of the webinar was perfect."


"The webinar was great...I have no idea how you could improve it."


A message from Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald

"Why Pessagno Is Right and You Flat Too Much are still some of my most used webinars in today's games! The Pessagno videos will show you how to set up blind steals from nitty opponents, how to take more blinds from the players who flat out of position, and how to execute the most nuanced threebets preflop. You Flat Too Much will show you how you can take advantage of players who flat threebets; a new occurrence that is constant in today's games. Learn what hands should be bluffed with and how to execute the bluff profitably on many different board textures."


$160 NOW ONLY $144 


Please note : all video packs are only available for streaming, not download.