Average Income Per Multiplier

Average Income Per Multiplier - Spin & Go Strategy


I want to make this post so people can understand why they should give their very best effort in absolutely every Spin & Go game, regardless of the multiplier, and why winning the highest multiplier isn’t actually necessary to make money.

For this I will give an example from the games I play on winamax, take a look at the picture attached to this post.

I divided games in “Frequent games” which occurs almost 1% of time and Rare games.

With my calculations, under ” Base Profit” you will notice how much income you get in each multiplier : For example: 14,24€ on a 2x multiplier and 0,74€ on a 10x multiplier.
This means that the money mainly comes from 2x, 4x & 6x games and very little money actually comes from the 10x and 1000x multipliers.

But we can take it even a step further.  On the last column, Sum profit + RB minus buy in, you can find out your average profit even without hitting big multiplier.

For example : If you always and only play 2x & 6x games, you can expect to lose 0,48€ on average.
But If you add the 10x games, you can expect to win 0,32€ in average, which mean you can make profit without ever sitting or winning a better than a 10x multiplier (according to the ITM I chose ).

And if you look at the total SUM of the last column (1,57€), this is your total average expected profit. But of course, due to the inherent variance in Spin and Go games, especially when it relates to winning your biggest spins, you simply can not afford to do anything but play your absolute very best in each and every game, regardless of the multiplier.


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