Benjamin "reasons14" Reason


Having crushed 9-man turbo SNGs, 6-max hypers, online multi-table tournaments and major live tournaments, Ben transitioned to the Spin & Go games in 2014 and instantly began crushing them at an impressive rate over the course of over 5000 (and counting) tournaments. Ben is also an extremely experienced coach who has worked with hundreds of students in nearly every format of poker. Regardless of your previous poker background, Ben will without a doubt be able to instill you with strong poker fundamentals and a cohesive and effective strategy to employ in the Spin & Go SNGs.


Coaching options

  1. Live 1-on-1 sessions ($150/hour or contact for package rates): Spend time working on your game with Ben Reasons14 in real-time through the use of Skype and screen-sharing software such as Teamviewer.

*Please note that no refunds will be provided for package deals once the first session has been completed unless the coach can not complete the remaining lessons.

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