Patrick "Captnkrnch"


Captnkrnch is a veteran HU SNG specialist who regularly plays up to the $500 HU games. Once a young $7 recreational player, he has established himself at some of the higest stakes as a true professional. He has coached and successfully moved up beginner players from as low as the $3 levels up to the $100/200s stakes and has worked with countless students ranging from beginners to advanced. For the past 2 years Captnkrnch has meticoulously studied the game and learned from and with simpledude16. Captnkrnch's teachings mostly focus on simplifying concepts and theory which in turn can be applied to a wide array of situations and help players comfortably adjust to opponents of all skill sets.

Coaching options

  1. Live 1-on-1 sessions ($400/hr, $1600/5 hours or $3000 for 10 hours): Spend time working on your game with CaptnKrnch in real-time through the use of Skype and screen-sharing software such as Teamviewer.
  2. Video Hand History Review ($300/hr or $1200 for 5 hours)
    Record yourself playing a session and Captnkrnch will breakdown and review all hands played. Additionally, Captnkrnch will provide and explain concepts to improve your gameplay and results.

*Please note that no refunds will be provided for package deals once the first session has been completed unless the coach can not complete the remaining lessons.

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