star   Sentin7

Already one of the most widely sought-after coaches for low stake HUSNG students, Sentin7 is now using his Bachelor of Education degree and extensive online poker background to coach players in the increasingly popular Pokerstars Spin and Go tournaments. With a teaching and ESL professional background, Sentin has a unique ability to communicate the information he's acquired over more than a decade of playing professionally in a simple, engaging and easily applicable way that will instantly increase your edge. From complete amateurs to experienced grinders, Sentin has helped dozens of players from across the globe optimize their approach to the game.

Sentin also offers poker-mindset coaching to help players overcome tilt and confidence issues.

Types of Coaching Rates
Video Hand History Review $100/hr or $350/4 hours
Mindfulness-Based Poker Stress Reduction $75/hr

star   Ben

Having crushed 9-man turbo SNGs, 6-max hypers, online multi-table tournaments and major live tournaments, Ben transitioned to the Spin & Go games in 2014 and instantly began crushing them at an impressive rate over the course of over 5000 (and counting) tournaments. Ben is also an extremely experienced coach who has worked with hundreds of students in nearly every format of poker. Regardless of your previous poker background, Ben will without a doubt be able to instill you with strong poker fundamentals and a cohesive and effective strategy to employ in the Spin & Go SNGs.

Types of Coaching Rates
Live 1-on-1 sessions $150/hr or contact for package rates

star   Simpledude16

Simpledude16 is a veteran hu sng reg who plays up to 2k husngs. He came to husngs just a a few short years ago and went from 100s to the stakes he plays now. He has done lots of coaching teaching HU to other people transitioning to HU as well as improving the game of current husng regs up to the HS. He coaches in a wide variety of methods finding which one is specifically best for the student ranging from live sweats to HH review to theory work

Types of Coaching Rates
Variety of methods to best fit the student needs $1000/hr

star   CaptnKrnch

Captnkrnch is a veteran HU SNG specialist who regularly plays up to the $500 HU games. Once a young $7 recreational player, he has established himself at some of the highest stakes as a true professional. He has coached and successfully moved up beginner players from as low as the $3 levels up to the $100/200s stakes and has worked with countless students ranging from beginners to advanced.

Types of Coaching Rates
Live 1-on-1 sessions $400/hr, $1600/5 hours or $3000/10 hours
Video Hand History Review $300/hr or $1200/5 hours