The literal definition of the word according to Wikipedia is “the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hopes to manifest”. I added this to show a point, the constant feeling that tends to appear from time to time after we lose a big pot, make a mistake and so on. The reasons we encounter this feeling is a completely different story. I’m guilty of feeling disappointment during my sessions, even about things that just aren’t under my control, and that is where I think we have a problem.

Mental issues are something we don’t really think about until the issue becomes so big we can’t look away. There comes a time that no matter how much strategy you learn it won’t mean a thing if you go on tilt after losing a pot against a weak player, especially at the micros. This is especially true in the high-variance Spin & Go games.

Recently I faced a downswing just at the start of the month; I was playing cash-games and lost 10 buy-ins in two sessions. That might not sound like much to some, but to someone trying to move up the stakes that is one hell of a hit. I just couldn’t win a hand to save my life and to be honest I was feeling so bad about it I didn’t want to play anymore. I guess I’m not as mentally strong as I thought I was.

This is not the first time I’ve encountered a downswing during my grind and they all feel the same. At least I feel that all of the work I’ve put on the mental part of my game has paid off, it used to take a lot more for me to get back on my feet. Usually it took as long as a month for me to find a reason to play again, but nowadays in a week or so I’m back again. Part of it is that I now use a journal to write everything out and leave more room in my mind to improve and get better. I’m not saying is a bulletproof system but it works for me.

The month is about to end and I’m grinding my way back up, I don’t know how it’s going to end but I feel that at least I’m improving as a player.

– mute07

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