Give Me Your Spin And Go Strategy Videos, Liv Boeree Happily Ever After

Give Me Your Videos, Liv Happily Ever After

June 7th 2015

Bryan Pellegrino has been sitting at his computer for 2 hours, his eyes a little blurry from reading the many submissions for his free video pack. Bryan is tired of reading the same old things he’s read many times before and lets out a big sigh. So bored he is that he considers picking the winner from the ones he has already read, leaving the rest. That was until he spots a story titled somewhat differently than any other. The story he had stumbles upon appeared at first instance to detail his own eternal happiness.

Bryan felt strange reading a story about himself. Strange because he was reading a story describing himself reading a story. He liked it but couldn’t shake that confused feeling. His smile got bigger as he continued reading.

Scanning down the page he sees future dates and what happens on those dates. He reads on excitedly. Maybe he would read that he hits multiple jackpot spin and go tournaments, maybe he would see something new on the horizon, or more realistic he thought was that he would read a pile of made up facts in an attempt by someone to trick his way into a $500 prize.

Bryan continues to read the entire story, from Pokerstars new spin and go live MTTs to finding true love. Once at the end of the submission a sole tear trickles down his cheek. That was emotional.

July 19th 2015

Pokerstars announce an addition to the EPT Barcelona shedule. A new “live” spin & go tournament would be introduced for the very first time. All players would be randomly grouped into threes. Due to the number of groups the start time will be staggered. A group of spin and gos would take place every hour until all entries had played a three handed table, whittling the entrants down to a third very quickly. At the start of each spin and go an envelope will be handed to the dealer for each table. Inside each envelope was a figure between 1,000 and 10,000 chips. Win and you take that level of chips to the tournament proper which starts in the afternoon.

Bryan is excited and sets about booking a trip to showcase his phenomenal poker ability in the spin and go format.

August 22nd 2015

EPT Barcelona was already in full swing and the first ever Spin & Go tournament was about to start. Group 1 was sat ready for the tournament to shrink down very quickly.

Bryan was excited at taking part in a game he specialised in so well that he had made videos describing the strategies involved, plus he wanted to know if the story he had ready on June 7th had any basis in fact. He looked around the poker room to see if he could see the person he had read he would meet on this day. Naming people he sees in his mind, CaptnKrnchSentin… and with a shake of his head in disappointment he looks back to his own table, after seeing no one of interest.

Focusing on his own spin and go, he nods at the guy sat next to him, who nods back. The third seat at the table was still empty. The game begins with the dealer opening the randomly assigned envelope. It’s a 10,000 chip game. Another jackpot for Bryan. At least the story he had read in June had got this right.

Bryan quickly finishes off his opponent, but before he can get excited about moving on to the tournament stage the empty seat is filled.

Liv Boeree drops her bag and puts her jacket on the back of her seat.

“Hi” she says to the table. “Sorry I’m late. I had a Pokerstars meeting. Oooh a jackpot spin and go too. Glad I made it in time. How many chips have I got left?”

Bryan was shocked. Could the story he had read months earlier be coming true?

“Hello, I’m Bryan” he tells Liv.

Liv looks at her opponent. “The Bryan/PrimordialAA I was supposed to meet here?”

How did Liv know about the story Bryan had read months earlier?

Before he could reply to find out, Liv continued “A friend of mine told me about the post on your website with me in it. Wait a minute…”

Live gets her phone out and starts tapping the screen.

“What was it I was supposed to say…? Ah here it is” she says finding the article concerned on her phone. “Go easy on me. I’m not a spins expert” she laughed.

Bryan sat open mouthed. How could he be sat at the same table as the story he had read? How could he be sitting opposite Liv Boeree? Was this a dream? Was he still asleep in his hotel room?

With Bryan having over two thirds of the chips in play in front of him the dealer continues the game.

A fierce heads up ensues. The chip lead goes back and forth multiple times. The blinds get quite high and some flirtatious banter begins between the two to relieve some of the intense pressure they both feel. Every other spin in the room has finished. Everyone is now watching the final battle of the first group of spins, what type of spin and go strategy will each utilize?

Whispers travel around the gathering crowd. They now all know that this battle was fortold. They ask each other who wins? They search frantically online to re-read the article.

Both players are all in. Bryan is about to beat Liv when he remembers what is supposed to happen next. An ace on the river gives Liv the win. Bryans head drops to the table knowing the outcome was already written long ago. Did he ever stand a chance in the first place?

Liv walks over to shake his hand and with a disappointing sigh Bryan says “Good game”. Liv gathers her belongings and begins to walk away. She stops. Turns back and says “Aren’t we supposed to go get a drink?”

Bryans face perks up. “I think so” he replies excitedly.

They sit at the bar. One drink turns into two, and two drinks turns into dinner. It seems like laughter never leaves their side as they enjoy each others company. They had completely forgot about the story and the new spin tournament which Liv had won her way to the next stage. There were more important things in their lives right now. Each other.

August 23rd 2015

It is morning and the warm Barcelona sunshine brightens a hotel room waking up its two residents. Bryan lay arm in arm with Liv.

Bryan thinks to himself. What would have happened had I not picked that John guys story as the winner of my free spin and go video pack? I would never had met Liv. I’m glad I listened to my heart.

Liv is thinking the same thing. “We owe that John character our happiness” she says.

Bryan replies “I don’t know how he knew, but I’m glad he did.” Before leaning across Liv to kiss her passionately.

And they all live happily ever after… or at least until I write something different.


John Hughes


  • Not John

    Reply Reply June 11, 2015

    That was an awesomely entertaining read. 1st place imo

    • Satchel

      Reply Reply August 21, 2015

      In awe of that answer!

  • Durr66

    Reply Reply July 25, 2015

    mmmmm liv boeree!!

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