By Yaniv "Sentin7"

With poker competition growing tougher every day, poker players are increasingly turning towards meditation both as a way of increasing their edge at the table as well as improving their quality of life outside the game. Allow experienced poker mindfulness coach and professional online player Yaniv to introduce you to the key elements of mindful meditation and outline effective strategies for reducing the impact of tilt, anxiety and stress on your poker game, as well as on your day-to-day life.

Pack Includes

The 7 Day Mindfulness Intensive Program includes 8 meditations that will guide you through various aspects of Mindful Meditation philosophy, a 19-page E-book manual that will outline a system to infuse mindfulness into your life quickly and efficiently, and a printable calendar to help you track your progress.

checkmarktransparent01 Mindful Eating Meditation (8:45)

checkmarktransparent02 Breath & Body Meditation (7:00)

checkmarktransparent03 Sights & Sounds Meditation (8:30)

checkmarktransparent04 Catch & Release Meditation (7:00)

checkmarktransparent05 Compassion Meditation (6:30)


checkmarktransparent06 Mindful Movement Meditation (11:15)

checkmarktransparent07 Body Scan Meditation (18:30)

checkmarktransparent08 Mindful Moment Meditation (3:30)

+   19-page E-book Manual

+   Printable Progress Calendar

About The Author: Yaniv

The 7 Day Mindfulness Intensive was created by former teacher and current professional counselor and poker player Yaniv as a way to share the strategies he found most effective during his own struggles with anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

Educational Background & Relevant Experience

  • Bachelor of Education – McGill University 2009
  • Diploma of Professional Counselling – Vancouver College of Counsellor Training 2012
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Intensive – Vancouver 2013
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program as outlined by the University of Massachusetts Medical Center – 2012 & 2013
  • Ten-Day Silent Vipassana Meditation Intensive – Merritt 2014