WPN CEO Phil Nagy On Negreanu, Galfond & The Future Of Online Poker

WPN CEO Interview - Negreanu, Galfond & Online Poker - Spin & Go Strategy

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Punta Cana Poker Classic to cover the introduction of the Winning Poker Network’s new poker format Sit & Go 2.0. Having a number of American friends who play and stream on the WPN, I’ve had my eye on the platform for the past few years since their…

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Using Doug Polk’s Tournament Play To Improve Your Spin & Go Strategy

Using Doug Polk's Tournament Play To Improve Our Spin & Go Strategy

As promised in the previous installment of Exploring Upswing Poker, I’ve been working my way through UpswingPoker’s Poker Lab videos over the past few weeks on behalf of our Spin & Go Strategy fans and have continued to be impressed by the quality of the analysis, particularly in the plethora of MTT videos available from Mr. Doug Polk…

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Spin And Go Jackpot – How To Win $180,000 on PokerStars

Spin And Go Jackpot - Learn How To Win The Big One On PokerStars! - Spin & Go Strategy

In his first video for Spin and Go Strategy, Russian Spin & Go and Heads-Up Hyperturbo crusher Skandr555 presents a hand-history review outlining the strategy that helped him win both a $12,000 and $180,000 Spin and Go Jackpot in just one week! Of course, it goes without saying that actually spinning the jackpot multiplier requires nothing more than…

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The Punta Cana Poker Classic & SNG 2.0 Continued

Punta Cana Poker Classic 2016 & SNG 2.0 Continued - Spin & Go Strategy

Here’s a hot-tip for all my Spin And Go Strategy compatriots for the next time you find yourself travelling to an exotic location for a live poker tournament: Starting a 15-hour travel journey at 10pm is highly discouraged if you, like me, have an innate inability to sleep on planes! Not only was the 40+ straight hours…

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Sit & Go 2.0 – Introducing The World’s First Live Spin & Go!

Sit & Go 2.0 - Introducing The World's First Live Spin And Go! - Spin & Go Strategy

Considering you are reading this blog on the web’s top resource for Spin & Go strategy, we’re going to assume you’re a fan of fast-paced SNG action and have a little added gamble in you. Regardless of how you feel about Jackpot SNGs’ impact on the poker landscape, there is no denying that the format has…

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The Only Upswing Poker Review You’ll Ever Need!

The Only Upswing Poker Review You Will Ever Need To Read! - Spin & Go Strategy

Upswing Poker Review After being thoroughly impressed by Doug Polk’s $7 PostFlop Engine video in the first portion of our Upswing Poker review, I was excited to explore more of the content in the Upswing “Lab”, which is essentially a stream-based lesson-plan platform that allows you to move through modules like “MTT Ranges”, “How To Play…

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I Tried Doug Polk’s PostFlop Engine So You Don’t Have To!

Upswing Poker’s Postflop Engine

Spin and Go Strategy reviews Upswing Poker’s Postflop Engine and investigates the value of the $7 offer. You may surprised by what we found…

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When Paradise Becomes A Nightmare: Poker Player Speaks About Being Incarcerated At A Refugee Camp In The Bahamas

poker tournament bahamas pca

I couldn’t make out exactly what it was but I saw barbed wire fences and lots of dirt… it clearly wasn’t Atlantis. Just as we were pulling in, luckily I went with my gut and decided to fire off a single text to my mom, probably the scariest one she has ever received. I can’t…

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An Interview With Former PokerStars Pro Kanu7

An Interview With Former PokerStars Pro Kanu7 - Spin & Go Strategy

Former PokerStars Team Online member and high-stake cashgame professional Alexander “Kanu7” Millar recently sat down with SpinAndGoStrategy for a short discussion about various topics including his decision to leave PokerStars, thoughts on Daniel Negreanu, and his love of inspirational quotes.   SGS: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions Alex, we very much appreciate it!…

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GTO Approach to Pokerstars Spin & Go End Of Year Grind.

A GTO approach to Pokerstars Spin & Go Grind - Spin & Go Strategy

It’s nearly October and for many players on PokerStars, that means one thing – time to start that hectic end-of-year grind. Over the next few months the tables will undoubtedly be filled with a higher concentration of regulars looking to reach VIP levels, milestones, and bonuses. While it’s tempting to blame the structure of PokerStars’…

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