Why Daily Fantasy Sports is The New Poker

Why Daily Fantasy Sports in The New Poker - Spin & Go Strategy

With Pokerstars having recently entered the Daily Fantasy Sports Market, we asked our very own Sentin7, a budding DFS pro, about why so many poker players are finding quick success in this new game format. SGS: For those who may not be familiar with it yet, can you quickly explain what DFS is? Sentin: Sure.…

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Ansky “How I got Cheated out of €18k at Casino Barcelona playing poker”

How I got Cheated out of €18k at Casino Barcelona playing poker - Ansky - Spin & Go Strategy

Another year of controversy for Barcelona casino. Last year if you remember, players got they rooms broken into and computers hacked, if you want to read all about the story here is the full event in details.  This year Ansky is taking the heat by what he said the casino cheated him out of 18k…

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Stop Poker Tilt While Sitting At The Table

Stop Poker Tilt And Maximize Your Edge At The Table - Poker Meditation - Spin & Go Strategy

“Don’t think that only sitting with the eyes closed is practice. If you do think this way, then quickly change your thinking. Steady practice is keeping mindful in every posture, whether sitting, walking, standing or lying down. When coming out of sitting, don’t think that you’re coming out of meditation, but that you are only…

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The 1-2-3-BAM! Method for Beating Spin and Go Tournaments

The 1-2-3 Method For Beating Spin and Go Tournaments - Spin & Go Strategy

Since launching www.spinandgostrategy.com I’ve found myself constantly discussing how to beat Spin and Go tournaments with recreational players who have little to no understanding about poker strategy in general, let alone Spin and Go strategy. And while I repeatedly try to explain to them that there’s no fool-proof method for beating the Spin & Go…

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Average Income Per Multiplier

Average Income Per Multiplier - Spin & Go Strategy

Hello, I want to make this post so people can understand why they should give their very best effort in absolutely every Spin & Go game, regardless of the multiplier, and why winning the highest multiplier isn’t actually necessary to make money. For this I will give an example from the games I play on winamax, take a look at the…

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Spin And Go Strategy Blog Contest

Spin And Go Strategy Blog Contest - Winners - Awards

In May the Spin and Go Strategy team announced we were launching the Spin and Go Strategy blog contest where the winner would win PrimordialAA & Simpledude16’s Video Pack ($499 value). The concept was simple, PrimordialAA would serve as the lone judge and whoever submitted the best blog post, be it a Spin & Go strategy post or…

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Give Me Your Spin And Go Strategy Videos, Liv Boeree Happily Ever After

Give Me Your Videos, Liv Happily Ever After June 7th 2015 Bryan Pellegrino has been sitting at his computer for 2 hours, his eyes a little blurry from reading the many submissions for his free video pack. Bryan is tired of reading the same old things he’s read many times before and lets out a…

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Shut The F*ck Up

Poker Tracker - Learn Pokers Game Strategy - Spin & Go Strategy

Shut The F*ck Up What can someone like me, a person trying to learn spin and go strategy, offer anyone in the way of advice? Not much. I dabble in low stake games to make a few bucks and pass the time. I need some spin videos so I can learn the correct strategy. I’ve…

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SuperNova Elite Mental Game of Poker

SuperNova Elite Mental Game of Poker - Spin & Go Strategy

Some of you may recognize my name from tables (slobaks on PS), I am one of the few players that managed to get SuperNova Elite status (the highest VIP level on Pokerstars, worth over $100,000) on Pokerstars last year by playing 30$ avg stake. Not many players in the world managed to achieve this feat. In fact, I think I…

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Hero fold ;)

Hero fold - Spin & Go Games - Spin & Go Strategy

Perfect example of why we play these Spin & Go Games (villain folded an obviously chopped pot) I wish you many such situations on tables :).

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