Sentin (Yaniv Ronen)


Already one of the most widely sought-after coaches for low stake HUSNG students, Sentin7 is now using his Bachelor of Education degree and extensive online poker background to coach players in the increasingly popular Pokerstars Spin and Go tournaments. With professional teaching and ESL backgrounds, Sentin has a unique ability to communicate the information he's acquired over more than a decade of playing professionally in a simple, engaging and easily applicable way that will instantly increase their edge. From complete amateurs to experienced grinders, Sentin has helped dozens of players from across the globe optimize their approach to the game.


Coaching options

  1. Video Hand History Review - ($100/hr or $350 for 4 hours): Record yourself playing a session at your regular stakes and Sentin will analyze it and provide you a with a video review that includes advice on specific hands and situations, as well as offer advice about ways in which you can optimize your overall approach to the game.
  2. Mindfulness-Based Poker Tilt Reduction ($75/hr): An experienced Mindfulness Coach & Counselor, Yaniv (aka Sentin) is available for private sessions about issues related to tilt & mindset optimization.

What people say about Sentin

After only two coaching sessions with Sentin, I felt comfortable moving from the $3 limits to the $15s and now I'm well on my way to achieving my goal of playing in the $100 games by the end of the year! Thanks man!


I was fighting with tilt every time I was playing because I didn't know if I was playing the "right way" so I got 3 poker coaching sessions with Sentin and 1 mindfulness session too. The coaching was really great and I think I play much more "correct" now, but the tilt coaching was the best part for me! Sentin showed me some easy strategies for dealing with tilt and my issues went from 9/10 to maybe only 2 or 3/10, which for me is great! Now I think every poker player needs to learn how to use mindfulness and stop to tilt!


I come from a primarily heads up background, that being said I am a little familiar with the great quality of content in Sentin's videos. After buying his videopack I must say I was not let down at all.

The thoroughness of the information provided was amazing. He breaks down situations and different thought processes that after your done watching the series you leave with not just a better way of thinking about the game away from the table, but a better practical implementation at the table.

I reinvested some of my winnings in a 1-on-1 coaching session with Sentin which also was worth every penny.

Needless to say if you take a bit of time, invest in yourself, and use the information provided, you can progress fast and crush the competition.


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