Created by Yaniv "Sentin7" Ronen

Sentin follows up his popular Heads-Up Hyperturbo video-pack Crushing Fish Like A Boss with the Spin & Go Fundamentals video-pack. This pack was created as an introduction to the Spin & Go games for both recreational players as well as more seasoned players transitioning from other game formats. Order today and receive both the Spin & Go Fundamentals and Crushing Fish Like A Boss videopacks for just $129.


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Please note : all video packs are only available for streaming, not download.

*Note : If you purchased the Crushing Fish video-pack before 2015 and would like to purchase only the Spin & Go add-on pack, please contact us at spinandgostrategy@gmail.com.

Video Pack Breakdown

Video 1 - Readless Three-handed Play - Popular poker professional and Sentin's top Spin & Go student Ben "Reasons14" takes you into the classroom and outlines a default three-handed strategy that will instantly give you a massive edge over your opponents. (30 minutes)

Video 2 - Deep Heads-Up Play - Sentin7 discusses a number of adjustments for HU play when playing with more than 25 Big Blinds and reviews a few such hands in replayer.

Video 3 - Crushing Fish Like A Boss Videopack - Heads-Up Hyperturbo Play - 13 separate videos amounting to nearly 5 hours of instructional material dissecting every aspect of beating the sub 25 Big Blind game.

Full breakdown of Crushing Fish Like A Boss here ... +

Video 1 - Classroom - $1.50 buyin (24 minutes)
Sentin talks about the most important factor for destroying the competition at the $1.50 level, aggression. He goes into the 3 keys involved in implementing an aggressive strategy. He goes through slides and outlines a gameplan effective for facing a majority of opponents at this level. Sentin also goes over the basics of continuation betting and hand ranges with the last 6 minutes reviewing an example hand.

Video 2 - Hand History - $1.50 buyin (34 minutes)
Sentin reviews a pair of hand histories that exemplify and expand on the concepts from the $1.50 classroom video. Key situations include how to play in limped pots, reading your opponent's range of hands and raising your button instead of open jamming at short effective stacks.

Video 3 - Extreme Grind - $1.50 buyin (31 minutes)
Sentin grinds the $1.50 level with two major rules: No rematches and 100% button raises. He does this to demonstrate the value of aggression, showing how effective it can be against the average opponent that does not adjust well, and also to put ourselves in a wider number of postflop situations.

Video 4 - Classroom - $3.50 buyin (13 minutes)
Sentin discusses balance in heads up poker. He talks about 3-betting for both value and as a bluff. He also discusses how villains usually react to 3-bet strategies, uses ICMIZER to demonstrate what he's taught, then touches on expanding your 3-bet range.

Video 5 - Hand History - $3.50 buyin (23 minutes)
Sentin goes through games from his original $3.50 grind and discusses developing reads by factoring in what your opponent has done in the match into your current decision. He also talks a lot about bet sizing, both when betting and raising. Thinking in terms of the range of hands your opponent has is a common theme throughout the video. Sentin also discusses facing donk bets (when your opponent leads OOP on the flop), and goes over some mistakes that he made in these matches.

Video 6 - Classroom - $7 buyin (10 minutes)
In this class video Sentin goes into an in depth analysis of in position post flop play. This leads to discussions on a wide variety of "fun" topics such as using aggression to force our opponent to fold the best hand and nailing down our opponents range and then using bet sizing to extract maximum value from weaker holdings. He also continues to stress the importance of continued aggression and even argues that c-betting 100% against most opponents can be a viable strategy. He finishes off with a detailed description of population tendencies in limped pots and how to exploit these tendencies.

Video 7 - Hand History - $7 buyin (30 minutes)
Sentin reviews some of his first games at the $7 level. He examines a number of bet-sizing and gameplay mistakes he made and also discusses making tough river folds when faced with a value-heavy range. Sentin also reviews a match against a player who only 3bet-shoves or folds from the big-blind and then examines a number of interesting post-flop bluffing situations against various opponents.

Video 8 - Extreme Grind - $7 buyin (27 minutes)
In this extreme grind Sentin employs the strategy of limping of 100% of buttons whilst also maintaining a floating strategy both in and out of position. This leads to a lot of interesting post flop scenarios where he discusses concepts such as capped range, using different bet sizes based on your perceived range, over-shoving the river for both value and as a bluff, how to adjust when villian donks a super wet board and how to extract max value when your opponent probably has a draw or a weak value hand.

Video 9 - Classroom - $15 buyin (23 minutes)
Guest producer Rollinas, a talented mid stakes regular, talks about playing postflop out of position. He talks about how to make postflop adjustments based on your opponent's preflop tendencies, value betting as well as bluff catching in limped pots and a variety of raised pot situational advice including floating, when to get it in light, what to do when villain doesn't cbet, playing pairs vs draws and more. The video ends with a 5 minute sections on 3-bet pots.

Video 10 - Hand History - Various buyins (38 minutes)
Rollinas reviews play from his regular hyper turbo matches. He faces an opponent that is a bit unpredictable, and he talks about the prospects of bluffing against that opponent. He also faces an opponent that limps a lot of buttons at the stack sizes decrease, and he talks about how to play certain middling hands against those limps. Other discussion includes value betting single pairs, playing strong but non premium hands OOP facing a raise, and a general strong emphasis on hand reading and range makeup.

Video 11 - Extreme Grind - $15 buyin (33 minutes)
In this extreme grind Sentin employs the strategy of opening 100% of buttons and calling 100% of min-raises out of position. He also tries to check/raise and donk at a high frequency, mix up his bet sizing and float as much as possible. He does this to ensure that it leads to a variety of interesting post-flop scenarios which he then goes on to discuss in a high level of detail and highlights how passive our opponents tend to be when they are faced with the prospect of maintaining any sort of constant aggression on multiple streets.

Video 12 - Classroom - $30 buyin (11 minutes)
In this video Sentin discusses that this is the first level where you may encounter "thinking players" who have a greater understanding of ranges and perceived ranges and that most players still have glaring leaks that can be exploited. He further discusses how to go about finding these weaknesses by constant exploitation of our own perceived range and the incongruities found within our opponent's game. Sentin also outlines the correct use of a hud to further hone in and exploit our opponent's weaknesses.

Video 13 - Hand HIstory - $30 buyin (38 minutes)
This video comprises of both a hand history review of PokerStars Pro 'talonchick' and also a HUD exercise on employing a game plan at the beginning of a match. In the HH review Sentin discusses concepts such as 3 bet shoving the first hand vs a reg, not over-adjusting to aggressive players, limping to trap, playing 2nd pair out of position on a dry board, value betting lower pairs when there is an Ace on the board and continually stresses the importance of maintaining your aggression in most situations.

Video 4 - Extreme Grind - $7 Level - Sentin heads to the tables and utilizes the highly popular Extreme Grind format he created for his HU videopack to analyze play at the $7 level and below. At this limit Sentin raises 100% of hands. (38 minutes)

Video 5 - Extreme Grind - $15 Level - Sentin moves up to the $15 games and continues raising 100% of hands while also calling 100% of non-all-in raises. (20 minutes)

Video 6 - Extreme Grind - $30 Level - Sentin completes his journey up the limits by playing at the $30 level where he begins limping 100% of hands while discussing the merits of this strategy and analyzing the unique situations it creates. (35 minutes)

About the coach

Sentin7 has been playing online poker for over a decade and is now using his extensive background in the Spin & Go and Heads-Up Hyperturbo games to help players develop a strong foundation for their poker game. With a professional background in education, Sentin has a unique ability to communicate the poker information he's collected through the years in a simple, engaging and easily applicable way that will instantly increase your edge at the tables. Whether you're struggling in the Spin & Go games or working on your Heads-up SNG Strategy, Sentin's videos will help you identify weaknesses in your own game and provide you with the skills necessary to transform them into strengths.

Sentin also offers affordable poker coaching.


Half way though the content and this is excellent value for money, easy buy IMO. I especially like the classroom video followed by applying it in game (e.g we talk about not raising PF and then get a whole video where Sentin can't raise PF).

For folks out there who are a bit apprehensive and used to the one time fee for training sites, as I was, I actually prefer this as you're getting quality over quantity which is a huge plus.


I watched all videos at this point, and i watched other spin video packs and I think without a doubt, this is the most efficient pack both price wise and time wise.
It does go really deep in strategy, so I wouldn't recommend to total beginners, but to anyone with some experience in poker that wants to jump in the spin and go train, i think its the most efficient pack.


I come from a primarily heads up background, that being said I am a little familiar with the great quality of content in Sentin's videos. After buying this pack I must say I was not let down at all.

The thoroughness of the information provided was amazing. He breaks down situations and different thought processes that after your done watching the series you leave with not just a better way of thinking about the game away from the table, but a better practical implementation at the table.

I reinvested some of my winnings in a 1on1 coaching session with Sentin which also was worth every penny. After the session and some conversation Sentin believed my game had progressed enough that he offered me a spot in his staking stable and long term coaching.

Needless to say if you take a bit of time, invest in yourself, and use the information provided, you can progress fast and crush the competition.



Please note : all video packs are only available for streaming, not download.