Shut The F*ck Up

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Shut The F*ck Up

What can someone like me, a person trying to learn spin and go strategy, offer anyone in the way of advice? Not much.

I dabble in low stake games to make a few bucks and pass the time. I need some spin videos so I can learn the correct strategy. I’ve tried playing spins a few times but have failed to get into them, mainly because I don’t know the correct/optimal strategy.

I thought for a while about what could possibly be in my arsenal that some might be missing. Recently something changed in the way I play. What did I do? I shut the fuck up.

What? I hear you say. It does sound strange. I’ll admit I’m the first one who was sceptical but after closing my mouth while I play my ev roi has increased significantly. I began manifesting my new behaviour around game 8,000. The graph gradient changes enough for the naked eye to see (graph of the first two weeks of May 2015 – PT4 trial expired and HM1 doesn’t track properly any more).

Graph link – image attached to post submission. Also at

I should probably explain why this unconventional behaviour helps your mental game and introduces your “A” game more often.

So the exact process is simple. Close your mouth and breath through your nose. My game improved. But why?

I had lowered my oxygen intake with a slow more relaxed breathing. My first thought was that perhaps my brain was getting too much oxygen before. But I quickly dismissed that idea as quite idiotic.

Slower breathing gave me more focus. I find myself looking at the time and can’t believe that I’ve played for as long as I have. It was more enjoyable and so I also play more often. Looking at stacks and situations became quicker meaning multitabling became easier.

In essence I equate this to a meditative state and becoming at one with poker. A noticeable lower heart rate as you play makes it almost impossible to tilt. How can you be both tilted and relaxed? The short answer is you can’t.

I do feel a little sad, no more distractions, no more singing to the radio at the top of my voice as I play, and no more “You can shove my chips up your arse” as I hit call. All this anti-profit behaviour stopped as I got my new sense of calm.

This change has also had positive affects in a non poker areas. In the past, after playing for a few hours my mind would be racing and would result in insomnia. With my new sense of calmness I sleep easier.

I once read a book on the mental game of poker from start to finish in an afternoon and it only left me with two general principles, work hard and grow some balls.

Why give money to these people to make yourself a better person and deal with your issues? Save that money, save that time and get a quick fix. Just close your mouth, lower your breathing and lower your heart rate, so you can play longer, play better and most of all stop tilting. So if you have any emotional tilt issues bottle that shit up, push it deep deep down, save your money and just close you mouth.

So from my humble poker stakes there’s not much I can offer, but for the chance to feel better, play better, play more and make more money. It’s not much, but it is a start.

I will finish this the same way I started. Not only would playing with more focus help you personally, but it would be a much better environment for us all to be part of if more poker players would just close their mouths and shut the fuck up.


John Hughes


  • Still Not John

    Reply Reply June 11, 2015

    Wow. Just wow. His insights are more advanced than the stakes he plays. Who wants to read stuffy old mental game stuff from SNEs when you can take something on board in such a fun way by reading this article?

  • Darwin

    Reply Reply June 16, 2015

    Excellent blog here!

  • omg

    Reply Reply June 23, 2015

    did u just comented your own blog?

  • SpinandGoStrategy

    Reply Reply June 24, 2015

    haha John is a VERY special person ;p

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