Spin And Go Jackpot – How To Win $180,000 on PokerStars

Spin And Go Jackpot - Learn How To Win The Big One On PokerStars! - Spin & Go Strategy

In his first video for Spin and Go Strategy, Russian Spin & Go and Heads-Up Hyperturbo crusher Skandr555 presents a hand-history review outlining the strategy that helped him win both a $12,000 and $180,000 Spin and Go Jackpot in just one week!

Of course, it goes without saying that actually spinning the jackpot multiplier requires nothing more than a heavy dose of persistence and a godly amount of rungood, but taking it down on the other hand, is a whole different ballgame that necessitates a strong understanding of your opponents’ tendencies, as well as the the adjustments necessary to exploit those tendencies in the most optimal way possible so as to give yourself the best chance to take down one of the massive Spin and Go Jackpot SNGs.

Anatomy of a Spin And Go Jackpot

Skandr555 begins his Spin & Go coaching review by looking at the smaller of his two jackpot wins – which, at $12,000, is still more than many players’ biggest ever poker tournament win! Skandr555 shares both his approach to the large-multiplier tournaments as well as his beliefs about the population tendencies in these games.

Skandr555 then moves on to reviewing the SNG win that netted him a cool $180,000 in a matter of minutes and instantly made him the envy of Spin & Go players around the world.

Know Your Spin & Go Opponents

Through the course of these poker hand-history reviews, Skandr555 discusses his strategy against two very different types of opponents – the Nit and the AggroMonkey – and outlines specific gameplay adjustments you can use to counteract any strengths they may have while maximally exploiting their leaks. Understanding the mindset of your opponents and building strong default adjustments for each player-type, be they Spin & Go SNG players or otherwise, is one of the key aspects of being a successful professional poker player and should be one of the first thing to work on when developing an overall approach to the game.

More Spin and Go Strategy

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In addition to the strategy-content listed above, here are some other common poker concepts that present themselves during Skandr555’s hand-history review, which you can now gain access to for only $15 (Russian-language version also available by following the link):

  • When to pass up +EV situations.
  • When to limp the button vs when to raise.
  • When to continuation-bet vs when to check-back.
  • Hand-reading.
  • Planning your triple-barrel bluffs on the flop.

So if you’re ready to find out how one of the best grinders in the game has achieved such success while learning how you can apply an optimal strategy when playing a high-multiplier Spin and Go Jackpot, click on the image below and take your Spin & Go to the next level.

PokerStars Spin and go jackpot win


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