Spin and Go to the top on Black Chip Poker?

A little about myself I’ve got 2 kids and another one soon, I work a full time IT job and am american, so the time I have for grinding is not as much as I’d like. I took up Jackpot SNGs recently (spin and go tournaments on American-friendly Black Chip Poker) and have been trying to apply the husng strategies that I had been learning. I have a couple of people who have graciously staked me for micro level husngs and now spin and go tournaments (they are $30 and $60 husng players).

I can say one thing that the spin and go sngs seem to be quite profitable. I started with $100, but so far have not been able to get beyond $165. I went up to that number but then went on a downswing so I am currently back to around what I started with. The rakeback that I have on Black Chip Poker certainly has helped save my bacon. I tend to be tighter than most husng players, and am working on that part of my game.

Mentally it’s tough when you sit down after a long day and then just cannot win to save your life even though the EV is there. I know I can win but I just can’t get over the mental block of losing. I just don’t have motivation to play a full set of games and end up playing some other video game, even though I could certainly use the money. I’m better than I used to be at ignoring the money and looking at EV, but still need to work on mentally just seeing a good EV line and knowing that means I’ll win and just taking it one decision, one game, and one day at a time.

I’m also going to be trying out doing a little twitch streaming for fun (and profit?) so we’ll see where that goes and if anyone is interested enough in this dad’s progress in spin & go tournaments.

– Bob

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