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Spin and Go Strategy videos from some of the best poker players in the game.

Spin & Go Charts

By CaptnKrnch

The number one request we receive on a near-daily basis is for Spin & Go charts. Well today we're proud to announce the release of the Spin & Go Blueprint, a set of preflop Spin and Go charts created by  High-Stakes HU Professional and former Spin & Go crusher, CaptnKrnch! Having moved up from the $100 Spin & Go games to  holding down the $300-$1000 HU turbo lobbies on PokerStars, CaptnKrnch presents a set of charts that will cover every single common preflop scenario


Spin & Go Fundamentals + Crushing Fish Like A Boss HU

Language : English or Russian

By Sentin7

Sentin follows up his immensely popular Heads-Up Hyperturbo video-pack Crushing Fish Like A Boss with the Spin & Go Fundamentals video-pack. This pack was created as an introduction to the Spin & Go games for both recreational players as well as more seasoned players transitioning from other game formats.

Russian version available here :
русская версия доступна здесь :


Spin & Go Sharks - Dominate The Waters

Language : English or Spanish

By Birjaan

BIRJAAN is a full-time grinder from Argentina who has been playing professionally since 2013. Having started in the HU Hyperturbo games as so many successful Spin & Go players have, Birjaan is now crushing the $60 Spin and Go tournaments at an impressive winrate.
In his first video-pack "Spin And Go Sharks - Dominate The Waters", Birjaan presents an incredibly thorough breakdown of the Spin and Go games that cover nearly every aspect of this increasingly popular game format. Whether you are a recreational player looking to build some solid Spin & Go fundamentals or an experienced regular already beating the Spin & Go games, Join Birjaan as he guides you through an in-depth analysis of three-handed strategy, heads-up play and beyond.

Spanish version available here :
Proximamente tambien en español aquí :


NEW BUNDLE : Why Pessagno Is Right + You Flat Too Much !

Language : English

By Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald

Playing less Spin & Go tournaments recently? Want to step up your MTT game as the new year gets underway? Here it is : Through more than 8 hours of poker instruction, Alex will share with you his unique perspective on the game and discuss many of the poker strategies that have helped him win millions at the tables and succeed in the high-stake games for over a decade! Are you ready to take your tournament game to the next level?


All About The Benjamins

By Benjamin Reason

Join SpinAndGoStrategy's very own Benjamin Reason as he grinds the new Spin & Go style games known as Jackpot SNGs on the American-friendly Black Chip Poker platform.


How I Lost 180k in Under 10 minutes

By ToDaFelt

ToDaFelt reviews his play in a $60 Jackpot Spin 'n Go with a prize pool of $216,000. He discusses how to adjust to differently player types and analyzes how different players will play in a Jackpot tournament.  He also shows you some tips on how to use CardRunnersEV and Flopzilla software to ensure that you are making the best mathematical decisions while at the table.


How I Won 192k in Spin & Go

By Skandr

Watch Russian Spin and Go grinder Skandr dissect the hand histories that resulted in him winning $192,000 in just 2 games! Get inside the mind of a Spin & Go champion and learn what it takes to win the biggest prize of them all..

Russian version available here :
русская версия доступна здесь :


The Win/Loss Jackpot Combo Pack

What will you learn from seeing both sides of the big one?

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