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Spin And Go Strategy Blog Contest - Winners - Awards

In May the Spin and Go Strategy team announced we were launching the Spin and Go Strategy blog contest where the winner would win PrimordialAA & Simpledude16’s Video Pack ($499 value). The concept was simple, PrimordialAA would serve as the lone judge and whoever submitted the best blog post, be it a Spin & Go strategy post or otherwise, wins.

The blog posts have been now been posted, make sure to check them out all out HERE!

After reviewing all the entries that we deemed appropriate (and trust us, there were many that weren’t, us poker players are a strange bunch!), Bryan (PrimordialAA) had a tough choice to make as it came down between a serious poker strategy post and a two amusing ones by the same author. In the end Bryan and the rest of the Spin and Go Strategy team decided to up the ante and give away two packs instead! The winner would receive PrimordialAA & Simpledude16’s Spin and Go video pack and the runner up will receive Sentin’s Spin & Go and Heads-Up poker video pack.

And now finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…


#1: (PrimordialAA & Simpledude16 Spin and Go pack) Slobodan Milosavljevic with a post title “SNE Mental Game of Poker” that discusses the difficulties he faced in trying to reach the Supernova Elite VIP level on PokerStars. You can read the full post HERE.

#2: (Sentin’s Spin & Go + HU packs) : John Hughes with two hilarious post submissions that simply can not be summed up in our own words. You’ll have to read them here and here.

There you have it folks, congrats to our winner and to all those who entered, we wish you all the very highest of multipliers and lots of run good in your Spin & Go games!

-The Spin And Go Strategy Team



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