In addition to providing the most thorough and up­-to-­date strategy guides to the Spin & Go tournament format, is proud to announce the launch of our innovative Spin & Go coaching and staking program which boasts some of the biggest names and leading content creators in the Spin & Go and Heads­Up SNG formats.

With weekly 1­-on-­1 coaching sessions from Spin & Go regulars Nikolaj “Luckb0x” Madsen & Cog Dis, weekly group sessions with online legend and Team RunGood Pro Ben Reason, access to study numerous strategy video including ones from popular HU coach and Spin & Go reg Yaniv “Sentin7” Ronen & Ben “Reasons14” Reason , the program provides aspiring players and committed professionals an opportunity to improve and succeed like no other.

In addition to all those benefits, the program also offers all participants a full bankroll and the opportunity to climb to the the highest limits available quickly and efficiently.

What We Are Seeking

The program is primarily looking to work with low to mid stakes applicants with a proven track record who are eager to take their game to the next level and quickly rise through the limits. We are looking for players who are motivated, can put in a minimum of 25 hours play per week, have some experience in the Spin & Go or HU SNG formats, and are hungry to improve.

All applicants will be considered.

Thank you and we look forward to working with some of you soon.

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