Why Daily Fantasy Sports is The New Poker

Why Daily Fantasy Sports in The New Poker - Spin & Go Strategy

With Pokerstars having recently entered the Daily Fantasy Sports Market, we asked our very own Sentin7, a budding DFS pro, about why so many poker players are finding quick success in this new game format.

SGS: For those who may not be familiar with it yet, can you quickly explain what DFS is?

Sentin: Sure. Essentially those season-long sport pools you used to have with friends in the basement or on yahoo or something have been compressed into a one day format and been paired with massive prizepools to create this crazy environment of sports-betting that reminds me of poker tournaments in their heyday when nobody knew what the hell they were doing and having even just an ounce of understanding about the game instantly gave you a massive edge over the field.

SGS: Are the games really that juicy?

Sentin: I think without a doubt DFS tournaments are the fishiest games on the planet right now. And yes, that even includes Spin and Gos.

SGS: Why do you think that is?

Sentin: Well for starters, just the sheer amount of money being dumped into advertising them right now is mind-blowing. Existing sites are pairing up with professional sports teams, websites with massive userbases such as Yahoo and ESPN are joining the game, even Pokerstars is in there now with StarDraft (US only). Apart from all that, there are also some fundamental mistakes amateur DFS players make that basically knock them out of contention before the game has even started. If there’s a late scratch to a popular player you might see 15% of the field dead on arrival because most players are just weekend warriors who are throwing in teams just to make the act of watching the games a bit more exciting. Imagine a poker tournament where anywhere from 5-20% of the field is sitting out. Now imagine that happening in pretty much every single tournament you ever played, pretty sick right?

Obviously the higher in limits you go the less this happens, but you still see it happening pretty regularly across the board. Add that to the huge number of teams who are essentially drawing dead based on basic lineup composition and cost/value analysis errors and you get an environment that is really ripe for the picking by even a semi-competent player.

SGS: Is that why so many poker players seem to have had such an easy time transitioning to DFS?

Sentin: Absolutely. Even just a basic understanding of how to seek out EV in various situations gives people a huge edge, let alone adding in knowledge about stuff like bankroll management, handling variance, and analyzing your game. That’s the sort of stuff the general population in these games haven’t even begun to consider yet…and that’s not as true for poker as it used to be anymore.

SGS: Are you excited about Pokerstars having entered the market now?

Sentin: Well I was…until I found out it was US only for now, which is a bit disappointing. But, I mean, the American poker public haven’t been allowed to play online for so many years now that I’m happy to see them get first crack at these games. I assume Stars will continue to expand so hopefully the rest of us can join the party soon.

SGS: What about for players in Europe?

Sentin: Well I haven’t played there personally but I’ve heard good things about FANAMENTS so that’s definitely where I’d be looking to go if I wasn’t able to play on the North American sites.

SGS: Speaking of which, will you be playing much this NFL season?

Sentin: For sure. I’ll be putting a bunch of teams into the big weekly tournaments on DraftKings and hopefully do some real damage this season. In week 1 they have a pretty awesome freeroll with 10K to first, which wouldn’t be a bad way to start the season off…

SGS: Any other tournaments you’re particularly looking forward to?

Well I think during NFL season the Millionaire Maker  is clearly the best one to run good in. It’s sort of like the Pokerstars Sunday Million…if the Sunday Million had a $20 buyin and TWO MILLION (!!!) to first.

SGS: One time, right?

Sentin: Haha. As I always say to my wife when she asks how many “one times” I think I get, “It’s one time every time, honey. One time. Every time!” =)


  • J3B

    Reply Reply September 9, 2015

    Wow at those million payouts. Had no idea dfs was that big already. Guess I better get in the game. Any advice for an amateur who only knows the nfl recreationally (aka a fish)?

    • SpinandGoStrategy

      Reply Reply September 10, 2015

      It is very much like when you started poker, start learning the game and the strategy, the best thing you can do at this stage is do research and find players that have good match up. Fantasy lab is the industry leading tool right now, you can check them out here: FantasyLab. Also, we are currently building a great resource site for beginning players that we expect to launch by the end of the month. Stay tuned, we will make an announcement here on spinandgostrategy once we have launched.

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