The Advanced Heads-Up Mastery Review – A Comprehensive Analysis of Doug Polk’s Premium Poker Strategy Content.

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The Advanced Heads-Up Mastery Review

If you’re seeking out an Advanced Heads-Up Mastery review, you likely already know who Doug Polk is. Currently busy building a poker empire through his popular YouTube channel and poker coaching site Upswing Poker, Doug recently released a complete heads-up cash-game course titled Advanced Heads-Up Mastery. As a former heads-up SNG player I was eager to dive into the content for myself, not just for the content itself, which we all already know is going to be fantastic, but also for the insight into how a player of Doug’s caliber approached developing a holistic strategy to improving as a poker player. What poker programs does he value when working on his game? What tendencies would he notice first when analyzing an opponent? How would he try to exploit one of the least exploitable players on the planet? These are the types of intangibles that can add incredible value to a poker strategy pack, and ones that are doubly important for content that, at $999, is admittedly priced near the very top of the market.

Intended Audience & Ease Of Understanding

I feel like most of the players who would be on the fence about purchasing the Advanced Heads-Up Mastery pack are recreational players and aspiring professionals in the 10nl-100nl  games, or their equivalent in other formats. Because, honestly, just to put it right out there and save you the effort of reading the next 1500 words, for anyone playing the equivalent of 100nl or higher, purchasing Upswing Poker’s Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course is an absolute no-brainer. Not only are we talking about (arguably?) the best heads-up cash-game player on the planet, but someone who has a proven track-record of being a skilled educator, a critical aspect of quality poker training. So for those playing at limits where it will only take winning a few extra buyins to work off its value, the Advanced Heads Up Mastery course seems like a slam-dunk.



advanced heads-up mastery course review doug polk upswing poker strategy headsup

For the remaining recreational players and low-stake grinders who may be concerned that the Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course might be too advanced, I can say that as far as ease of understanding of the material, I’m 100% confident that anyone who watches Doug’s YouTube videos is not going to have any sort of problem in regards to that. The course obviously requires some basic poker knowledge and an understanding of common core concepts such as range and equity, but all the content in the Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course is presented in a way that should be of great value to anyone who is dedicated to improving their game.

Advanced Heads-Up Mastery Course Structure

Advanced Heads-Up Mastery review upswing poker doug polk


The Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course is broken down into 10 main sections:

  • Preflop Introduction
  • Preflop Ranges
  • 3-Bet & 4-Bet Pots
  • Postflop Introduction
  • Small Blind Single Raised Pots
  • Big Blind Single Raised Pots
  • Big Blind 3-Bet Pots
  • Small Blind 3-Bet Pots
  • 4-Bet Pots
  • Play & Explain

These sections cover the whole spectrum of situations you’re going to face in a heads-up match, and contain a massive slew of subtopics that really drill-down into the nitty-gritty of each concept. For example here is the outline for just one of these sections, Small Blind Single Raised Pots:

advanced headsup mastery review upswing poker upswingpoker doug polk


Just look at how much information is incorporated into each of the 10 topics included in the Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course; notice how detailed and specific the subtopics are. Combo breakdowns for probe and barrels, strategy for facing river checks after calling a probe, advice when facing a bet after checking down, things to consider when facing a check-raise on every street, there really is no fluff here, just section after section of useful and highly-specific poker knowledge. Hell, if you’re playing above 25nl, I bet you could make back the cost of the course with just one of these sections, let alone all ten.

Heads Up Poker Cash-Game Hand Charts

Having recently reviewed the Upswing Poker Lab’s hand-ranges, and released a set of our own hand-charts for Spin and Go tournaments (I’ll let you know how you can get yours free of charge below), I was looking forward to exploring what the Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course hand-range section had to offer. Not one to disappoint, Doug went above and beyond by including not just a set of default ranges, but also loose and tight ranges for each scenario. Not only is it nice to have your first line of adjustments for each situation already broken down, but it’s also incredibly helpful to see exactly how Doug adjusts each range, and how much he adjusts them, when going from default to loose ranges, or from default ranges to tight.

Another awesome bonus to the Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course, which I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen done before, is that it offers different flatting and 3-betting ranges for each of the standard open sizes (2x, 2.5x, 3x). As before, seeing how much Doug’s ranges change based on what some might consider a “small” deviation, is going to be extremely valuable to anyone who’s never studied this aspect of the game before. As Doug says:

If you’re not adjusting your game based on open-size, you’re making a huge mistake.

Game-Tree Program & Poker Database Analysis

Advanced heads-up mastery game-tree upswing poker upswingpoker doug polk

Doug Polk’s Private Game-Tree Program

Two more incredibly insightful additions to Doug Polk’s Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course are his use of his own unique game-tree program, as well as the use of his own database when analyzing hands and common heads-up scenarios.

Although the game-tree program that Doug uses is unfortunately not available for purchase, Doug frequently utilizes it to help visualize how he breaks down his opponents’ overall strategies and find the best ways to exploit their game.

Additionally, Doug often goes into his own database during the Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course and breaks down the profitability of various hands in a plethora of situations. For example, when discussing strategies about dealing with 3-Bets, Doug jump into his database and investigates how certain groups of hands, say weak offsuit aces, preform as flats vs folds, and then compares it to other groupings of hands such as suited connectors or weak offsuit bluff hands.

Doug Polk Vs Ben Sulsky – $20,000 Heads-Up Cash-Game

As if all the classroom lessons weren’t loaded enough, the cherry on top of the Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course is most definitely Doug Polk’s 11-part analysis of a 4-tabling session against the legendary Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky. Regardless of which of the two you have ranked as the top heads-up cash-game player in the world, that’s 11 videos of the top two players in their field going head-to-head at 100/200nl; and through it all you have Doug offering incredible insight on the thought-process and strategy required to succeed at these limits. And even though I’ve been relishing in these play & explain videos by stretching them out for as long as I can, I already consider this portion of the Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course to be one of my favorite pieces of poker content ever. So although Doug claims it doesn’t hold as much value as the theory-based portions of the pack, thank you anyways for including the Play & Explain #forthefans!

advanced heads-up mastery course review doug polk upswing poker strategy headsup


So there you have it, Doug Polk’s new Heads-up course in a nutshell. Is it right for you? Well, to be quite honest, if you’ve gone so far as to search for an Advanced Heads-up Mastery review and cared enough about your poker game to read through the entire thing, this pack is likely as close to a no-brainer as you can get. If you’re a serious or aspiring poker player in 2017 and want to improve your Heads-Up game, regardless if you’re a cash-game, sit and go, or tournament player, this is without a doubt the single best Heads-up poker instruction manual that’s ever been put together. Not to mention that as a final parting gift, when you purchase the Advanced Heads-Up Mastery course, you also get access to Doug’s private Advanced Heads-up Mastery Facebook group, where he personally responds to every question. After spending some time reading all the insightful Q & As already posted, I suspect this Facebook group will end up being one of the most valuable aspects of the entire pack; so if you’ve ever wished you had a team of high-level players to discuss strategy with like all the pros recommend, this would definitely be a great place to start!

Free Bonus Content

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